When a person is either building a new home or remodeling the kitchen in their existing home, there is often a great deal of talk about countertop materials. While many people juggle utility, aesthetics and budget when choosing their countertops, a number of home builders and homeowners prefer granite. While these materials do represent a significant investment, there are practical as well as aesthetic benefits that make this material the obvious choice.

For many people, it’s not a matter of what they want but what they can afford. While it’s true that granite countertops in Maryland aren’t nearly as expensive as it used to be, it is still an expensive proposition. Some people may have to push the limits of their budget, or find money elsewhere in their renovation plans, in order to afford this type of countertop material, but the benefits it provides are often well worth the expense.

One of its main benefits is its natural durability. This natural stone material is resistant to high heat and staining. In addition, the surface is extremely hard, meaning it will be quite difficult to damage it. In the event that the countertop is damaged, it can be repaired. In fact, from a durability standpoint, as long as the countertops are properly cleaned and re-applications of countertop sealants are applied periodically, this may be the last countertop a person will ever have to purchase.

Practically speaking, granite is naturally resistant to germs and bacteria. That doesn’t mean that germs and bacteria can’t live on countertop surfaces made of granite, but it’s much more difficult than with other materials. It’s also extremely easy to keep clean.

Granite also offers a certain level of luxury to the inside of the home. Most real estate experts will agree that granite countertops can help increase the value of the home. Also, with a wide variety of natural colors, there’s a granite countertop for virtually any design scheme. Whether somebody wants natural muted overtones or they are looking for dark countertops with colorful striations, granite offers all of this plus much more.

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It’s also possible to ensure that a kitchen is one of a kind when choosing granite for the countertops. Even if every kitchen in the neighborhood has the same cabinets and lighting, granite is a natural stone, which means that no two pieces are the same. This allows a homeowner to have something uniquely theirs if that’s important to them.

There are many options to choose from such as quartz countertops, Formica, laminate and even concrete countertops. However, for the beauty, luxury and functionality of your kitchen, it’s very hard to find materials that meet all of these qualifications as well as granite does. Whether your kitchen requires large stretches of granite countertops, or you’re building or refurbishing a small kitchen area, these types of countertop materials are something that should garner serious attention.

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